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OC Register – The pastry ladies of St. John the Baptist

The Orange County Register featured an article about the pastry ladies of St. John the Baptist who spend months in the kitchen of the church baking and preparing the pastries for the OC Greek Festival.

From the article:

There is making some cookies for a party and then there is what the dedicated ladies of St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church spend weeks preparing to give the community a taste of their Greek specialties.

The pastries enjoyed by visitors of the popular three-day OC Greek Fest are made by the volunteers in the church’s kitchen. Recently, they pulled out the baking sheets and set to work making melomakarouna – individually rolled cookies doused in a honey coating and sprinkled with walnuts. On Tuesday, they will be producing diples – a fried cookie drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts.

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